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Introduction to Hot Tapping: What It Means and How It is Done Business Articles | March 22 Matt Nieto Jersey , 2012
Hot Tapping or Under Pressure Drilling is a specialized technique wherein a branch connection is provided to a live pipe in constant operation. And, yes, with Hot Tapping and Line Stopping, businesses...

Hot Tapping or Under Pressure Drilling is a specialized technique wherein a branch connection is provided to a live pipe in constant operation. And, yes, with Hot Tapping and Line Stopping Nail Yakupov Jersey , businesses need not to resort to shutdowns. The maintenance work can be done without troubling the flow of work. The process can be done on almost all types of pipes such as iron, steel, stainless steel, concrete and plastic. These pipes usually carry liquids or gases at high temperatures and under pressure. So, yes, working on these pipeline may prove dangerous J.T. Compher Jersey , but, techniques like Hot Tapping help professionals do their job with much ease and simplicity. And, though Hot Tapping seems to be an easy-to-do process, only skilled professionals do the work on pipelines.

How it is Done?

Under the process, skilled professionals use a short section of pipe. Then an isolating valve is either welded or fitted mechanically to this short section of pipe. Once the fitting is done, the pipe is carefully drilled through the valve. And Carl Soderberg Jersey , once drilling is completed, the valve is closed. They, then, remove the equipment as well.

It is to be noted that Hot Tapping and Line Stopping results in minimal down time and reduction in disruptions on main systems and this ensures that businesses do not incur losses which would otherwise have to incur.

Besides Hot Tapping and Line Stopping, service-providers also offer Pipe Freezing, Wall Tapping and Tank Stopping. A lot depends on the situation in questions as to which technique should be used.

A number of companies throughout the UK are involved in providing Hot Tapping and Line Stopping services. However Blake Comeau Jersey , not all are competent. And, thus, you need to take your time while deciding on a particular service-provider. It is good to know how long this company has been in providing on-site pipeline isolation and intervention services. It is good if you see how well this company has served its clients in the past. If the company does not disappoint you on both the above points, yes, you can trust and hire its services, otherwise Alexander Kerfoot Jersey , it is better to look for another option. Internet is filled with ample of resources about Hot Tapping and Line Stopping. If you want to know more, you can always look for these resources.

If you are looking for a service provider, do ensure that you do not choose any company that comes your way. Instead, take your time and choose the one which meets your needs in the best way possible.

At Allied Pipefreezing, we're a nation-wide specialist provider of on-site pipeline isolation and intervention services. And, you can always trust us for Hot Tapping and Line Stopping.

Visit our website for more information on Hot Tapping and Line Stopping and Stopple.

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With the Election Commission (EC) of India announcing dates for the general election Sven Andrighetto Jersey , the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) the document to ensure fair conduct among political parties in the run-up to the 17th Lok Sabha elections came into force. While I expect the usual circus of parties complaining against one another and numerous reprimands by the EC I am relieved that animals will be spared in this drama.

Chapter 22 of the MCC notes: "The Election Commission has advised the political parties and candidates to refrain from using any animal for election campaign in any manner. Even a party, having a reserved symbol depicting an animal, should not make live demonstration of that animal in any election campaign of the partyany of its candidate."

The EC's move is laudable and indicates its recognition of the abuse animals are subject to when used for exhibition or performance. Use of animals during road shows, rallies or for campaigning is a pointless activity where they are tortured, beaten and neglected while the netas hog the limelight, usually after arriving many hours late. There are many instances of animals being abused during public events Tyson Barrie Jersey , which turned violent.

Political parties, which have animal symbols as part of their emblem, are known to bring animals to their rallies to showcase their strength and celebrity-like status. Not only does this glorify the vanity of the party but also comes to show that such tactics are used to pull large crowds and gather support in the absence of organic support or loyalty to the party. These animals, mostly elephants and horses, are subjected to thron

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